Derek Powers in 2040, shortly before his death


Derek Powers, shortly after being transformed into Blight

Derek Powers was a corrupt businessman who, sometime around 2020 succeded in a takeover of Wayne Enterprises (now called Wayne-Powers). Sometime in 2040, he had planned to sell the nerve gas, that he was manufacturing at Wayne-Powers to a foreign country for military purposes. However, Terry McGinnis was able to stop him, and in the process dosed him with his own nerve gas. He was treated with extremely high doses of radiation. This, combined with the effects of the nerve gas mutated Powers into Blight, a human nuclear meltdown. For a time he was able to use Polymorph, a compound which was used to make plastics, to create fake skin for himself. However this was largely ineffective, due to the fact that Powers was constantly producing radiation, which slowly burned off the Polymorph. His scientists later discovered that the angrier Powers got, the more radiation his body produced. Eventually he had an anger control incident during a board meeting at Wayne-Powers, which Bruce Wayne was attending. The news crew revealed to the entire city on live TV about Powers' condition, after he tried to kill Bruce, but was stopped by Terry. His own son, Paxton Powers activated a replica of the original Batsignal, which Terry then promptly destroyed when he arrived. He agreed to help Paxton capture his father using a net that he had designed to soak up radiation. Paxton informed Terry that his father had been hold up in a nuclear submarine, whose reactor was still hot, and that was why Terry could not find his radiation trail. However, Paxton had his own agenda, and wanted his father out of the way so that he could gain money and power from his position at Wayne-Powers. Powers got so angry that he overloaded the sub's reactors and caused them to go critical. Paxton escaped on his own, while Terry had to carry two unconscious guards out of the sub as it melted into the ocean. Afterwords Paxton commented "He melted with sub", to which Terry responded "Sure, he did", hinting that Powers may have survived. However this is doubtful, considering he was never seen again after the nuclear sub incident occurred.