This page is used to determine the rules of Gotham Knights Wiki.

Simple RulesEdit

  • Gotham Knights Wiki does not tolerate vandelism
  • Gotham Knights Wiki does not tolerate profane language. Unless the language is in an actual quote.
  • Do not say anything hurtful or discuraging to other users.
  • Do not start an edit war. If one begins, leave the other person a message to begin a discussion on the articles talk page. The discussion must be carried out calmly, if one refuses to discuss and continues the edit war, contact an administrator and the page may be protected.

Terms of a BlockEdit

  • Vandelization: First offence- Warning

 Second offence- 1-3 day block

Third offence- 7-30 day block

Fourth offence- 30-??? day block

  • Profanity: Same as vandelization
  • Harrasing another user: Same as vandelization
  • Refusing to talk calmly about and edit war: More than likely, no action will be taken againt the user. However the page under dispute will be locked for a period of time equivelent to the blocks.